Selasa, 18 Oktober 2011

Damya's 4th Safari Birthday Bash!!!

Finally, finally, finally......I’m finally able to post photos of my daughter’s  Damya's 4th Safari Birthday Bash!!! 

Here is my daughter. She debated wearing a giraffe costume, but ultimately fell in love with this dress. 

I tried to make Damya's 4th Birthday a great party is that I only need a few unexpected details to make it special

Well, first my gorgeous Safari printable from Madebylisha . This is the first time I’m using party printables and so far I’m loving the whole experience.  If I want more decorations, I just press “print.” How cool is that? Lisha  from show the love, who designed of other printables (cupcake toppers, “Happy Birthday” banner, favor tags, water bottle labels, etc.) for me.  However, i should 1000 thanks to shilashower for ideas n etc....

My daughter LOVES everything! Score one for Mommy! 

My second detail is my cupcakes toppers from Ms Nurhafila Bakery. I've ask her to make it simple n good looking. Here are the adorable cupcake topper…

My third detail is my photo booth with banner and props.  My Ex students Ridzuan from Printing Advertising Speedy designed these adorable photo booth banner.  

Some of the photo booth pics…

The entertainment – Panda and Lion — kept everyone laughing.

And how cute are these Safari hats Madebylisha  designed for my daughter’s Safari Birthday Bash that we’re giving away for FREE. I bet most of my guests have never seen this before. 

The birthday banner was a great decoration for the fence. 

Here is what the table looked like before the cupcakes and birthday cake arrived.
The goodies of favors: they were party pack with cute printable “thank you” favor tags from Damya's. I got a lot of good feedback from the parents on the favors. 

And finally… my delicious girl, me n her daddy!!

So here are my lessons learned:
  • Having someone there to help man the photo booth with the photographer was essential because 4-year-olds definitely need some wrangling. 
  • Keeping the party short to one and half hours was ideal. For most of the kids and parents it was just enough time, and for others we left them wanting more. Love that!
  •  When my daughter became obsessed with the presents during the party (having never gotten so many from her friends before) I had to remember to laugh about it.
After it was all over, my daughter hugged me and said this was “the best party ever!” That is what made the whole day (and months of planning) worth it!!

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